Youcef Belaïli’s reputation in Brest was quickly tarnished when the Stade Brestois player left the house he had been renting for five months in a deplorable state, requiring 50,000 euros to repair.
The matter did not fail to create a buzz. The state in which the house he occupied from February to June was found is, without a doubt, the one that has most agitated the microcosm surrounding the Brest club.According to our information, these five months of rental resulted in almost 50,000 euros of renovation work.

Youcef Belaïli left a house in bad shape after five months of renting. (Photo archives Le Télégramme)

Cigarette butts, crumpled floor, ripped off doors…
Located on the heights of Le Relecq-Kerhuon, the house was left in a “deplorable” state according to one of the people who had access to the house and who was familiar with the case.

“All the mattresses had to be changed, the kitchen had to be redone. As the house was heated to 28 degrees at all times, the floors were crumbling under the effect of the humidity. Not to mention the cigarette butts in the bathtub, the cupboard doors ripped off, the hot saucepans lying on the worktop… It was a real mess”, continues this witness, who “had never seen anything like it before”.

The damage was recorded by a bailiff, as the player “simply left the keys behind”.

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