WORLD CUP 2022 – Didier Deschamps has unveiled his plans for the World Cup. During the 8 pm news on TF1, the national coach gave his copy and his players who will defend the title won in Russia four years ago. Relive the evening and the press conference that followed.

Didier Deschamps has unveiled his plans for the World Cup

22h. This is the end of this press conference. Thank you for following us.

21h56. Four attacking players at kick-off? “The balance is more random over 90 minutes. It can be an option at some point. It’s not Playstation… If you have the ball, no problem. But if you don’t…”
21h55. Why the Hernandez brothers on the left? “If I make that choice, it’s because I consider that they bring more guarantee.”

21h54. Griezmann as a relay player? “Antoine has a big volume of play, even when he’s attacking, that doesn’t stop him coming back very low, too much for my taste sometimes. It’s not a problem for him. After that, it’s a balance.”

21h52. Varane: “On the medical front, there’s an exchange, the medical staff has come along too. We know where the players are at. Varane is in a phase of palletization. He’s being asked to play. We’re not here to go from 0 to 70%.”

21h48. The curse of the first round: “I’m going to take one more tube of aspirin. Are you trying to undermine my morale? The stats… says how hard it is to win and even harder to stay up. We’ll struggle but we’ll make sure we perform as well as possible.”
21h42. How did Giroud convince him? “The goals, yes… Since the September meeting, he has not been the most efficient. It’s been a fact for a long time. I trust him. On the pitch. Off the field.”
21h41. Steve Mandanda: “He has made sure that he continues to be competitive. There will be a hierarchy between the 2 and 3.”
21h38. Can we be world champions with this inexperienced midfield? I don’t have the answer, no one does. I have confidence in these players. We know what the absentees represent (Pogba and Kanté). We know what the absentees represent (Pogba and Kanté), but fortunately, in spite of everything, these players have had game time in the different gatherings. They will do everything.”
21h36. Animation? “You are asking too much of me. But I know how we will play. How we’ll start. Ideally, it’s to put all the players in the best position.”
21h34. The absence of Clauss and the presence of Veretout: “Jonathan is part of the disappointed, I am well aware of his immense disappointment. Lucas Digne too. Jonathan Clauss, the system is the main reason. Veretout? He was at the last meeting with us. He was at the Final Four, he’s been with us before.”
21h32. Deschamps had said of Pavard that he was an axial? “In a three-man defence… He is not the only right-back. He can play in the centre. He’s not the only right-back. He can play in the centre. There, the two players concerned with the right-back position, they know what I expect from them.”

21h28. The balance of the list in defence: “There are central players that I see more on one side than in the centre. I can specify… There is one more defender. Humanly speaking, it’s not pleasant for me. I’ve already made some people disappointed. Tonight, the 25 are all very happy. But on the 22nd, it won’t be possible to put them all in the 11. If you want to get them involved, you have to give them playing time. Will they all get it? At least they will all be on the game sheet. At the Euro, we had to send three of them to the stands. I will need everyone.
21h25. “If Mike Maignan is not in the list, it is because he could not be operational. His muscular injury, on a calf, is problematic. We don’t have two weeks of preparation. From next Thursday, we are focused on Australia.
21h22. “What are the best conditions? In 2018, were we there. In 2021? We didn’t have to get on the pitch, we had already won. Pogba and Kanté, it’s a loss. We’re in a difficult situation but are we more affected than others? What is the revealing factor? The competition. Today, there is a goal, we know our first three opponents. We have a status but that doesn’t give us any guarantees.”
21h17. Back to four at the back? “I didn’t just use a three-man system… But here it will be a four-man defence. We were very often in difficulty, out of balance. And to exist in a major competition, if you are not solid defensively… You have to defend well but not at the expense of attacking activity. The system leads to player choices.”

21h16. The case of Benzema: “I have spoken with Karim, to know the ins and outs. If he’s not on the pitch, it’s because he had a little problem. But there’s no need to worry. There are those who play too much and… He had two physical problems to deal with. In relation to the World Cup, he is very vigilant. He played thirty minutes last week, he felt some discomfort. Knowing him, I know that he is not the type to stay on a treatment table. I don’t have any negative elements about his physical situation.”
21h15. “The fact that we are taking 25 players, I consider that we have enough security to be at this competition. I have no doubt that you will get into special cases. But if I have put players in the list, it is because they are supposed to be fit for the first game.”
21h14. The meeting starts.
21h05. In any case, Matteo Guendouzi is very happy to be there.

21h04. Didier Deschamps is being kept waiting…
20h41. In a few minutes, the press conference of Didier Deschamps. He will explain his choices in depth.
20h38. Deschamps, his last World Cup? “I am in the same state of mind as before each competition. I don’t have that concern. I’m at the top of my game, my staff is at the top of their game.
20h34. Deschamps: “I made some unhappy people tonight and humanly speaking, it’s never easy.


20h25. The list!

Aréola, Lloris, Mandanda – L.Hernandez, T.Hernandez, Kimpembe, Konaté, Koundé, Pavard, Saliba, Upamecano, Varane – Camavinga, Fofana, Guendouzi, Rabiot, Tchouaméni, Veretout – Benzema, Coman, Dembelé, Giroud, Griezmann, Mbappé, Nkunku

20h25. Didier Deschamps has the floor. Here we go… Didier Deschamps announces 25 players.
20h15. Didier Deschamps, for his fifth pre-tournament list, should not reserve any last minute surprises. Only the presence of Karim Benzema for the last Euro had acted as an unexpected turnaround. For the rest, the coach still trusts the men he knows. It is therefore difficult to envisage a drastic change of course even if the possibility of enlarging the list to 24, 25 or 26 names mechanically widens the field of possibilities.

20h. It’s time. But as always, the coach will wait until the end of the news to unveil the famous list.
19h44. The absences of Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kanté open up spaces in the midfield. It now seems obvious that Aurélien Tchouaméni, Adrien Rabiot and Youssouf Fofana, who had a great month of September in the national team, will be on the trip. Behind them, there are two places left. In the last year, Mattéo Guendouzi has always been called up, but he is not sure of anything. It’s a good thing that the team has been able to get back into the game,” he said, “but I’m not sure that we’re going to be able to do that. The games are open.
19h29. The French have not been spared from injury for several months and are already without their two best midfielders: N’Golo Kanté and Paul Pogba. It’s a good thing that we’re going to have a good time,” he said. “We’re going to have a good time and we’re going to have a good time. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to play, but I’m sure I’ll be able to play,” he said.
Will he be fit? The question must haunt the nights of Steve Mandanda, whose presence in the group depends on that of the AC Milan keeper. The other concern is Presnel Kimpembe, who is suffering from an Achilles tendon injury after suffering a hamstring injury. If the Parisian is not at 100%, Benoit Badiashile, who was convincing in September, could be in the squad.

19h06. The players of the French team will face Australia, Denmark and Tunisia in the first round of the World Cup. Their mission is “simple”: to retain the crown they won in Russia. This would be a first since… 1962 and Brazil.


18h47. Giroud or not Giroud? It is obviously the main issue of this list of 23/24/25/26 of Didier Deschamps. Will Olivier Giroud be part of the trip, even in the presence of Karim Benzema? The service record of the second best striker in the history of Les Bleus pleads for him. But Deschamps’ position remains clear.
Can Deschamps do without him?
18h20. According to L’Equipe, Jonathan Clauss would not be in Didier Deschamps’ list. The Marseilles player appeared last March and missed the last step. This possibly means a return to the four-man defence.

18h12. How many players to take along is the question. Will the coach take 26 players to Qatar? Or less? In recent months, DD has not been convinced of the idea of defending the title won in Russia with an enlarged group. More is not necessarily better. But can he take the risk of taking only 23 players?
23 or 26? Deschamps’ dilemma
18h00. In two hours, Didier Deschamps will announce his list for the 2022 World Cup! In the meantime, you can read the latest news here.

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